As part of the London Crafts Week, in collaboration with China Exchange, a selection of woodblock prints from the Muban Educational Trust will be exhibited at China Exchange from May 3, 2017.

The theme of this exhibition is “Cityscapes: the Changing Faces of China.” With the new political freedom of the 1980s, Chinese artists began searching for greater self- expression in their graphic styles and range of subject matter. Some print artists began to reflect a new sense of modernism in the portrayal of urban life and depicting modern buildings, highways, motor transport and the bustle of city life. Some older print artists, for example, Chen Qi and Yang Keyang, put aside the socialist realist subjects of the past and to adopt a new modernist voice. Other younger artists present urban life with extreme realism and some use a semi-abstract approach. In this small exhibition, enjoy viewing modern examples of woodblock printing that reflect this shift in inspiration and style.

For opening time please check China Exchange’s website:

Exhibited artists include: Chen Qi, Yang Keyang, He Weimin, Lou Zhuhu, Wang Jinxu, Ying Tianqi, Wu Jide, Gao Rongsheng, Song Enhou, Zhang Yue and Kou Yanming.

Below are some prints at the exhibition:

Yang Keyang 杨可扬

Yang Keyang 楊可揚: Morning in Shanghai 上海早晨(1994)

Wang Qi 王琦 1

Wang Qi 王琦: Rhythm of the Street 大街上的旋律(1985);

He Weimin 何为民

He Weimin 何為民: Summer Night, Harbin 夏夜-蛤爾濱 (1998)

Zhang Yue 张越

Zhang Yue 張越: Impressions of Quanyechang 勸業場印象(1985)

Kou Yanming 寇雁鸣

Kou Yanming 寇雁鳴: Distant Memory 遠去的記憶(2000)

Song Enhou 宋恩厚

Song Enhou 宋恩厚, Five Colours, Six Hues 五顏六色(1984)

Ying Tianqi 应天齐

Ying Tianqi 应天齐: Xidi Village Series No. 5 西遞系列之五(1988)

Lou Zhuhu 楼逐虎

Lou Zhuhu 樓逐虎: Noon 中午(1996)