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The Second Muban Educational Trust Woodblock Printmaking Award

In March 2016, the Muban Educational Trust announced three Winners of the Second Muban Educational Trust’s Woodblock Printmaking Awards. First Prize goes to Gu Xiuhua, from Tinajin Academy of Fine Arts. Joint Second Prize Winners are Wang Qifan from Central Academy of Fine Arts and Xu Na from Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts.

69 final year undergraduate and post-graduate students from academies of arts in many parts of China applied to the Award with a selection of their current work as digital images. Working from these images a short list of 10 applicants was agreed. Each of the short listed students were then asked to send three original prints that they considered best represented their use of the medium of the woodblock print.

These years judges include:

Anne Farrer – Sotheby’s Institute of Art, the Muban Educational Trust

David Barker – The Muban Educational Trust

Weimin He – Ruskin School of Art

Clarissa von Spee – The British Museum

Kevin McLoughlin – Independent Scholar

Here are the Winners and shortlisted artists.

Gu Xiuhua 04

First Price Winner – Gu Xiuhua – Return to Nature No 3, Mirror Image, 45x108cm, 2015

Wang Qifan 04

Second price winner – Wang Qifan 王啟凡 – Heavenly Questions 65×82, 2015

Xu na-02

Second Price Winner – Xu Na 徐那

Chai Xinlin《而已集——略论中国人的脸》

Shortlisted – Chai Xinlin

chen ming ming 02

Shortlisted – Chen Minming

Fu Qiaolin 01

Fu Qiaolin – Shortlisted

lu yan2路彦 这一代 木刻 93.2x66cm 2015年

Lu Yan – Shortlisted

wang changze 04《闲亭记之五》水印木刻70×100cm 2014年王昌泽

Wang Changze – shortlisted

Xu  Guoyao 04

Xu Guoyao – shortlisted

zheng changli 03

Zheng Changli – shortlisted






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