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In addition to the Portfolio, we also have some woodblock prints for sale.  Here are some examples. Please contact us for details. 除了《木版原作集》一套六十幅版画外,木版教育信托也受一些中国艺术家委托,出售他们的木刻版画,以下为部分作品。

Gu Xiuhua顾秀华 (1988 -) Gu Xiuhuia was born in Liyi City in Shandong province in 1988.  He graduated from Tianjin Academy of Fine Art with a BA degree in 2013 and an MA degree in 2016.  He was First Prize Winner at the Second Muban Printmaking Awards in 2016. Gu Xiuhua uses detailed wood engraving technique to produce intricate prints. His print will appear in a wood engraving exhibition at Ashmolean Museum in 2020.  One of his prints is also collected by the British Museum.


Gu Xiuhua (1988-)顾秀华 “Mantis hunting Cicada – Egret“ 《螳螂捕蝉 – 鹭》 41/50, 30x40cm, 2013


Gu Xiuhua (1988-)顾秀华 “Mantis hunting Cicada – Chameleon“ 《螳螂捕蝉 – 变色龙》 41/50, 37x40cm, 2013


Gu Xiuhua (1988-)顾秀华 “Judged by nature“ 《自然审判 – 蜗》 12/50, 50×42 cm, 2011


Huang  Jinyi 黄金一(1991-)  Huang Jinyi was born in Jilin Province, China.  He graduated from Guangxi College of Arts.  He lives and works in Guangxi.   Huang was shortlisted for the Third Muban Printmaking Awards in 2018.

Huang Jin Yi 01 copy

Huang Jinyi (1991-) 黄金一 “Migration: dusk” 《南迁 薄暮》, 2/9, 60×90 cm, 2016

Huang Jin Yi 03 copy

Huang Jinyi (1991-) 黄金一 “Migration: movement” 《南迁 悸动》, 2/9, 60×90 cm, 2017


Zhou Xing 周兴 (1937-)Zhou Xing was born in Pizhou in Jiangsu in 1937, he is a Member of the Chinese Artists Association and was named an outstanding printmaker by the Chinese Printmakers Association.  He is a recipient of the Lu Xun Printmaking Prize.


Zhou Xing (1937-) 周兴 “Clear Mountain Stream” 《在山泉水清》42.5x49cm,edition of 100, 2012


Zhou Xing (1937-) 周兴 “June in Southern China” 《水乡六月》47x50cm, edition of 100, 2012


Zhou Xing(1937-)周兴,Journey to a water town,《水乡行》25x29cm, edition of 100, 2012


Zhou Xing (1937-) 周兴, Lakeside 《湖畔》27x27cm, edition of 100, 2010,

周兴 《暖冬》45.5x49cm

Zhou Xing (1937-) 周兴 “Warm winter”《暖冬》45.5x49cm, edition of 100, 2012


Liao Lei 廖磊(1989-)Liao Lei was born in Miluo, Hunan Province.  He graduated from Guangxi Academy of Arts with a BA degree in 2008 and an MA degree on 2015. He was shortlisted for First MET  Printmaking Awards in 2015.


Liao Lei (1989-) 廖磊 Three people’s journey 《三人行》,30×22 cm, 8/10, 2014


Liao Lei (1989-) 廖磊 Unmatched power《气盖世》,30×22 cm, 8/10, 2014


Liao Lei (1989-) 廖磊 Searching for a horse《骑驴找马》,30×22 cm, 8/10, 2014



Liao Lei (1989-) 廖磊 A lotus in the mouth《口吐莲花》,30×22 cm, 8/10, 2014


Lei Ziren 雷子人 (1967 -) Lei was born in Jiangxi province. He graduated from the China Central Academy of Science with a BA degree in 1993, an MA degree in 2003 and with a Doctoral degree in 2007. Lei taught at the Peoples’ University Art Institute as Head of Research in Eastern Arts and as Deputy Head of the Painting Department. He is currently Director of the Jiangxi Institute of Art.

作品名称:吃茶来 作者:雷子人 作品版种:饾版水印 作品尺寸23x130cm

Lei Ziren (1967-) 雷子人Come and drink tea 《吃茶来》, hand scroll print, 23x130cm

作品名称:我佛 作者:雷子人 作品版种:饾版水印 作品尺寸23x248cm

Lei Ziren (1967-) 雷子人, My Buddha 《我佛》, hand scroll print, 23x248cm

作品名称:秋雨禅房 作者:雷子人 作品版种:饾版水印 作品尺寸23x254cm

Lei Ziren (1967-) 雷子人Autumn rain in a Zen house《秋雨禅房》, hand scroll print, 23x254cm


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