“Prizewinning Prints: The Muban Educational Trust’s Woodblock Printmaking Awards”, An exhibition of woodblock prints by young Chinese artists is going to be held from 15 October 2016 to15 January 2017 at Sinolink Gallery in Oxford.

This is a cooperative project between The Muban Educational Trust and The Sinolink Gallery, with the help from Oxford Chinese Students and Scholars Association. The exhibition has been curated by David Barker, He Weimin, Yan Jixia and Zheng Haiyao, exhibition catalogue compiled by David Barker.

This exhibition of ninety-nine woodblock prints is drawn from the work submitted by final year and post-graduate students from all areas of China for The Muban Educational Trust’s Woodblock Printmaking Award in 2014 and 2015. The Award is an annual event and is intended to support creative practice in the field of woodblock printmaking in China in line with the Trust’s core aims and objectives of celebrating, collecting, exhibiting and researching the art of woodblock printmaking in China.

The Sinolink Gallery was opened in January 2011 by Yan Jixia, a director of Sino Link International Ltd. based in Oxford. The gallery primarily collects, exhibits and sells the work of Chinese artists. The gallery’s medium term aim is to specialise in Chinese woodblock prints.

The Sinolink Gallery, 11 St. Clement’s Street, Oxford OX4 1AB. info@sinolinkgallery.com, www.sinilinkgallery.com.

Below are some prints for sale at the exhibition

Cao Ou 2 Cao Ou 3 Cao Ou 4

Prints by Cao Ou


Prints by Liao Lei

Wang Changze Wang Qinliang

Prints by Wang Changze

Jiao Wensi

Print by Jiao Wensi

Guo Shaung

Print by Guo Shuang

Gu Xiuhua

Print by Gu Xinhua