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The Third Muban Educational Trust Woodblock Printmaking Award

130 young Chinese artists from many parts of China applied for the 3rd Award with a selection of their current work initially sent as digital images. Working from these images a shortlist of 15 applicants was agreed.  The shortlisted artists were then invited to send three original prints to MET’s London office.

The winners of the Third Award were announced on 14 February 2018.

First Prize Winner – He Sanqin 何三青

He Sanqing was born in Hunan Province in 1988. He entered the China Academy of Fine Arts in Huangzhou in 2011. He is currently a third year MA student in the Printmaking Department under the supervision of the artists Chen Haiyan and Fang Limin.

hesanqing01 copy

Neither Mountain Nor Water No 1 《非山非水之一》 61 x 97cm,  2016

hesanqing02 copy

Neither Mountain Nor Water No 2《非山非水之二》 61 x 97cm,  2016

hesanqing04 copy

Neither Mountain Nor Water No 4《非山非水之四》 61 x 97cm,  2016


Second Prize Winner – Liu Jing 刘京

Liu Jing was born in Hunan Province in 1983. He graduated from the Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts with a BA degree in 2006.  He obtained his MA degree from Shenzhen University in 2012 under the supervision of the artist Jin Baoping.  He is currently a Lecturer at Changsha Normal University.

Liu Jing 02 copy

Master 02 《大师 02》90 x 60 cm, 2017


Second Prize winner – Li Wenpeng 李文鹏

Li Wenping was born in Heilongjiang Province in 1991.  He graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, his supervisors were Wang Huaxiang, Li Xiaolin, Kong Liang and Yang Hongwei.

Li Wenpeng01 copy

Once Upon the Time there is a Mountain 《从前有座山》 90 x 90 cm, 2017


Special Prize for Emerging Artist – Zhang Qiuyuan 张秋源

Zhang Qiuyuan was born in Hebei Province in 1993.  She graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing in 2017.  Her supervisors were Wang Huaxiang, Li Xiaolin, Yang Hongwei and Kong Liang.

张秋源05 copy

Number 4 《数字4号》90 x 60 cm, 2017


Other shortlisted artists

Huang Jin Yi 01 copy

Huang Jinyi 黄金一  Southern Migration – Dusk 《南迁 薄暮》90 x 60 cm, 2016

Li Qiao 01 copy

Li Qiao 李乔 Daily Attitude 《日常态度 1/6》90 x 90 cm, 2016

Liu Gen 05 copy

Liu Gen 刘根 Assembly 《集结号》70 x 100 cm, 2009

Pang xinsen 01 copy

Pang Xinsen 庞辛森 Zebra’s Red Storm 《斑马的红色风暴》60 x 45 cm, 2016


Ren Huihui 任慧慧 Song of the West No 5《西行歌之五》 70 x 110 cm , 2016

ShaoWeiFeng01 copy

Shao Weifeng 邵威峰 Lost, Desire No 1 《拾遗 欲 之一》75 x 105cm, 2017

王恩超  01《血色海洋》_副本 copy

Wang Enchao 王恩超 Red Sea 《红色海洋》75 x 92, 2015


Wang Mi 王密 Prisoner’s Belief 《囚徒的信仰》110 x 79, 2016

Xu Na  01 copy

Xu Na 徐娜 Deep in the Mountain – Rainbow 《闭门即深山 – 虹》40x 90 cm, 2016

Yuan Bo 01 copy

Yuan Bo 原博 First Order 《初秩序》65 x 81 cm, 2017

Zhang Xinye 02 copy

Zhang Xinye 张心叶 After Dinner No 2, 95 x 95 cm, 2017




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