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The Fourth Muban Woodblock Printmaking Award Winners

204 young Chinese artists from many parts of China applied for the 4th Award with a selection of their current work sent as digital images. Working from these images a shortlist of 20 applicants was agreed.  The shortlisted artists have been invited to send three original prints to MET’s London office.

The winners of the Fourth Award were announced on 24 February 2020.

First Prize Winner – Zhao Yiyun 赵熠芸

Zhao Yiyun was born in Zhejiang Province in 1995. She is a second year MA student at Purple Bamboo Studio at China Academy of Fine Arts in Hangzhou.

Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 14.34.34

Zhao Yiyun 赵熠云, Float – Time, 浮 时, 96×66 cm, 2019


Second Prize Winner – Cao Ou 曹欧

Cao Ou was born in Shandong Province in 1987. He graduated with a MA degree from China Academy of Fine Arts in Hangzhou in 2015.  He is a freelance artist.

_cao ou 001-《“戏“山水-解构》

Cao Ou 曹欧, Playful landscape – deconstruction “戏”山水 – 解构, 60x45cm, 2019


Third Prize Winner – Xu Zhonghong 徐中宏

Xu Zhonghong was born in Anhui Province in 1991. He graduated with a MA degree from Yunnan Academy of Fine Arts in 2018.

Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 13.34.09

Xu Zhonghong 徐中宏 Gloves – mission 2 手套 使命II,90×120 cm, 2018


Third Prize Winner – Zuo Wei 左维

Zuo Wei was born in Hunan Province in 1987. He graduated with a MA degree from Fine Art College of Hunan Science and Technology University in 2014.


Zuo Wei 左维 Silent Mountains No 2 寂空山2, 76x56cm, 2018


Other shortlisted artists 


Cao Xuefeng 曹雪峰, Growth – intensity no 2 生-密 之二, 60x68cm, 2018


Chang Fei 常斐,Altar of books 书之神, 55x47cm, 2019


Chen Jiadi 陈嘉迪,Performer no 2, 61×20 cm, 2018


Han Xiaoyue 韩晓月 Whale dreamer 梦鲸人,60×90 cm, 2017/9


Liu Keji 刘科技,Animal world 动物世界, 70×100 cm, 2019


Liu Zhenyu 刘振宇, Ode of Gaixia 垓下歌,130×92 cm, 2019

LiYuXuan 03

Li Yuxuan 李雨萱,Biodiversity 万物生,16×18 cm, 2018


Lu Cong 卢聪,Never ending story 永不完结的故事,110×80 cm, 2018

HyperFocal: 0

Ni Xiang 倪想,Moonlight city no 1, 月光城1,50×38 cm, 2018


Pan Liuhua 潘柳华,Familiar sceneries no 1 年年岁岁景相似之一,72×90 cm, 2018


Qu Zuochun 瞿作纯 Time Lapse 时光叠变系列, 92x90cm, 2019

Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 14.08.52

Xu Hanxiao 许汉枭, After memories, before oblivion 我们终会遗忘或将永远铭记 85×46 cm, 2019


Yao Yuanlu 姚元鲁,Butterfly dream of Zhuozi 梦蝶庄周, 120×180 cm, 2019

zhangliang 001 张良 《我仿佛系列之去物存心》 木版 90x120cm 2018年

Zhang Liang 张良, Almost me series – heart remains 我仿佛系列之去物存心, 90×120 cm 2018

Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 14.22.31

Zhang Lingrui 张凌瑞, New life in the land of ideas 思域之新生,140×87 cm, 2019


Zhao Xiaowei 赵晓玮, embroidery 刺绣 , 75×90 cm, 2019

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