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Portfolio II

Portfolio II introduction

THIS GROUND-BREAKING PORTFOLIO II OF WOODBLOCK AND RELIEF prints has been commissioned by the Muban Educational Trust (MET) from 18 of China’s most accomplished young printmakers. These prints represent a milestone in the modern revival of the relief print in China and in the development of that nation’s contemporary printmaking practice. An earlier portfolio of 60 original prints, commissioned by the Muban Foundation in 1998, was published in 2003.

The 18 prints range from single-block monochrome images to complex multi-block prints, using as many as 53 blocks. Some are printed with oil-bound ink, while others use the pre-modern technique of printing with water-soluble colours that offer wash-like effects. This portfolio showcases the broad scope of Chinese printmaking, demonstrating the range and depth of technical and creative innovation in this field. It provides a dazzling display as young artists interpret and reinvigorate the long and rich tradition of printing and printmaking that dates back to the Tang dynasty (618–907).

An accompanying catalogue will be published in 2022. It will contain artists’ statements and judges’ comments, with many illustrations of the detailed printmaking processes, and will provide a deep understanding and appreciation of the Portfolio.

Prints in Portfolio II are all printed on A2 size paper, all original blocks are collected by the MET.

Price per set

£8800 + pp

继1998年木版教育信托首次征集《木版画原作集六十家》作品并在 2003年向世界公开发行以来,原作集已广为欧美及中国的博物馆等机构 与个人收藏与展出。时隔二十余载, 木版教育信托再次向中国版画家征集 作品并隆重推出第二套木版画原作集,并出版画册。经过十名国际评委 的多次选评,最终确定十八位曾获“木版奖”或及“木版奖”提名的年轻版画 家参与此套《重生 – 木版画原作集》的创作。十八件以木版为主要媒材 的版画作品刻印手法多样,包含水印木刻、木口木刻、油印木刻、黑白 版画、套色版画以及拱花技法、饾版技法、树脂版及平版等综合技法。 围绕“重生”主题,年轻版画家在创作上融汇中西,承古纳今,张扬个性, 锐意创新,展现出具象、抽象、意象、超现实表现等多种风格,向世界昭示出当代中国木版画创作的最新与最亮丽的风景线。

18幅版画尺寸统一为A2, 所有原版都由木板教育信托收藏。


Dr. David Barker Senior Research Fellow of MET

Leonie Bradley Artist, Editor of Printmaking Today 

Christer von der Burg Collector, Chairman of MET

Dr. Anne Farrer Senior Research Fellow of MET

Mary Ginsberg Visiting Researcher, British Museum

Dr. Weimin He Artist, Trustee of MET

Dr Luk Yu-ping Basil Gray Curator of Chinese Paintings, Prints and Central Asian Collections, Department of Asia, British Museum

Dr. Kevin McLoughlin Art Historian Independent Scholar, Curator and Editor

Dr. Clarissa von Spee Chair of Asian Art and James and Donna Reid Curator of Chinese Art, Cleveland Museum of Art

Haiyao Zheng Secretary to the Trustees of MET

The Muban Trust


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